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About Us

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Based in India, Eco-Management & Ship Supplies is a young and dynamic company that provides a wide range of general and specialized ship supplies, equipment, tools & stores to ship owners, ship managers, and offshore. Our services are available for Cargo Ships, Cruise Ships, Tankers, Chemical & Oil Vessels, Ferry Boats, and Mega-Yachts. Apart from Ship Supplies we also do 3rd party office management/representations and assist companies in growing business. Our newly added services like Drug & Alcohol Testing and Crew Psycological Support are helping many shipping companies worldwide.

Eco-Management & Ship Supplies has a network of stockists and suppliers to provide all kinds of ship stores with the best quality at very competitive prices. We are able to prepare and deliver supplies at short notice, taking into account the turnaround time of vessels visiting our ports. We pride ourselves on being reliable and being able to cater to your specific needs, Our Indian and China warehouse is able to deliver supplies in 2-3 days notice. We strive for complete customer satisfaction and always welcome customer’s feedback to help us in continuously improve our services.

To provide world-class ship supply and handling services to our clients with honesty, integrity, and the highest degree of competency and professionalism.

To become a global leader in marine support and supply services by offering timely, quality goods and services to the ships with effective safety protocols followed by efficient people at all times.

We are committed to delivering what we promise, at the right time, price, and quality. We will provide all the products and services available to us and respect your choice.

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